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Product Innovation and Eco Design

Developing sustainable products to decrease the generation of carbon emissions

Pictured: past and present attendees of the Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT). Owned and facilitated by Anthesis, the PSRT is a community of cross-industry sustainability experts and thought leaders from companies championing sustainability. Our PSRT clients can access collaborate and attend online webinars via our dedicated Anthesis Client Network.

With public demands reaching a critical level, the pressure is on for brands to design eco-friendly products with the ability to be recycled.

Anthesis helps businesses develop sustainable solutions through design, supply chain management and manufacturing. We take an end-to-end approach to product design by analysing its entire lifecycle to ensure that phasing out substances such as plastics isn’t unintentionally increasing the products carbon footprint, which could damage brand reputation.

Our Product Innovation and Eco Design services:

  • Carrying out sustainability reviews and reporting on products and packaging, using recognised analytics like carbon footprinting and our partner tool, Footprinter.
  • Working with manufacturers and  their suppliers to enhance products and packaging by making it more fit-for-purpose or through lightweighting.
  • Supporting decisions around raw and alternative material substitution, using our software-based tools to assess changes in sustainability outcomes.
  • Providing guidance and support to producers on how to increase their products recycled content, as well improving its design for recyclability when it reaches end-of-life.
  • Ensuring worldwide compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, particularly around chemicals and toxic substances.
  • Helping multi-industry brands collaborate on product innovation through our Product Sustainability Round Table membership network.

Product innovation is adapted after extensive product sustainability impact assessment, a service which Anthesis also provides.

How to assess the sustainability of your product prior to design


J&J has been a proud member of Product Sustainability Round Table since 2007 and our membership has been a vital component of our product stewardship strategy. It helps us benchmark against other organisations, share best practices, and prepare for emerging trends and issues. The PSRT Leadership Framework has also supported J&J in our path towards more fully institutionalising sustainability across the organisation.

Al Iannuzzi
Senior Director Product Stewardship, J&J
Johnson & Johnson

Our best in class new tool enables us to make decisions quickly before product designs are locked in so we have confidence we’re going in the right direction. We’re spending much less time measuring and more time driving change.

Jennifer Duran
Global Head of Sustainable Innovation, Reckitt Benckiser

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