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Product Compliance Support

Delivering trusted compliance management, consulting and IT solutions to support sustainable business practices

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The Anthesis Product Compliance specialist team includes project managers, subject matter experts, software developers, and our outsource services team. We have deep industry experience and excel in understanding the goals of the business, delivering cost-effective services, and implementing the right IT solutions to automate compliance management systems. 

Product Compliance Services

Our technical analyst team works with your supply chain to collect and validate material composition data and document product compliance and sustainable business practices.
Deliver ongoing, timely communications to support suppliers with guidance and comprehensive, actionable training and education resources.
We are industry experts in RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals, and worldwide product-related environmental regulations and sustainability requirements.


What is Product Compliance?

Product compliance is the process used by companies to ensure their products meet environmental, safety, and federal compliance regulations. Companies must implement robust compliance programs to adequately respond to new and expanding legislation with differences in business and legal requirements for placing products on the market.

We specialize in product environmental compliance including data collection, compliance management, and reporting integrated with client engineering and procurement processes spanning new product introduction to sustaining products.

Summary of product compliance regulations covered

Material Content

  • Global Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH)
  • Waste Framework Directive/Substances of Concern in Products
  • California Proposition 65
  • Toxic Substances Control Act Section 6H

Waste Compliance/Extended Producer Responsibility/Circular Economy

  • Packaging
  • Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • Battery

Origin Compliance

  • US and EU Conflict Minerals


  • Carbon
  • Recycled Content

Supply Chain Transparency and Assessments

  • Forced labor
  • Environmental Social Governance
  • Multi-tier supplier mapping

Business Process Outsource

Via our global delivery team, Anthesis provides round the clock business outsource services. We leverage a combination of in-country project management teams, subject matter experts, and offshore technical consulting resources in Manila, Philippines to deliver the best outcomes for our clients, at the right price level.

Compliance Data Collection using ACDC

Anthesis consultants operate a business process outsource to collect and validate full material disclosure (FMD) for complex electro-mechanical assemblies. ACDC, our IPC-1752A compliant data collection tool, is used by our clients’ supply chains to create FMD declarations and to capture lab reports. The entire process is automated using Anthesis-enabled product compliance software and tools to validate compliance and prepare data analytics reports for customers.

Find out more about the ACDC Tool

Conflict Minerals Management

Anthesis provides end-to-end conflict minerals compliance services to major device manufacturers. Under outsource agreements, we collect and validate all conflict minerals data from the supply chain, perform risk assessments, develop customer reports, and prepare required disclosure reports for the Securities and Exchange Commission. All tasks are completed using Anthesis enabled tools.

Part Replacement and EOL Management

Anthesis integrates part replacement and end-of-life (EOL) management right into the compliance data collection process. Manufacturers are able to specify part name and number changes seamlessly along with their compliance declarations.

Supplier Onboarding and Training

We provide supplier onboarding services for major manufacturers of consumer electronic products. Anthesis is responsible for building supplier capacity to provide accurate FMD declarations and increasing rates of FMD submittals for suppliers who have been onboarded to an FMD program. Our tasks include detailed FMD reviews, advising suppliers on properly identifying materials used in their products, and providing ongoing supplier help desk support.

compliance software

Compliance Management Systems Implementation

Anthesis Compliance Data Collection Tool

The Anthesis CDC (Anthesis Compliance Data Collection) form is a FREE spreadsheet-based compliance software tool to facilitate data capture and conversion between industry-standard formats including IEC 62474, IPC 1752 v1.1 and IPC 1752A. This tool alleviates common barriers to efficient data exchange and promotes reuse of declarations across the supply chain. The Anthesis CDC is IPC1752A certified. Check out our credentials on the IPC website.

Find out more about the ACDC Tool

Enterprise Systems Implementation

Anthesis can be your enterprise systems implementation partner. We take clients through a time-tested implementation life cycle including project preparation, blueprint, Agile development, final preparation and go-live phases, to ensure success and quality.

The Anthesis Product Compliance Suite

ACS (Anthesis Compliance Suite) is a web-based system which augments your existing enterprise ERP and PLM based platforms and provides for efficient product compliance and conflict minerals data exchange. Available only as a combined BPO+ACS solution, we take compliance management to the ultimate level of quality and automation.


Product Consulting Services

Materials & Chemicals Compliance Consulting

Our compliance consulting expertise spans materials compliance (RoHS, REACH, WEEE, packaging, batteries and similar regulations worldwide) and chemicals compliance (REACH registration, TSCA, CLP, Prop 65 and others). Our recommendations are based upon regulatory requirements and the best practices of leading OEMs and manufacturers. Additionally, we are experts in all of the core product stewardship and circular economy processes.

Product + Supply Chain

Anthesis has deep expertise in measuring and improving product and supply chain environmental performance. Our competencies include product footprinting, sustainable chemistry, supply chain sustainability, corporate social responsibility, supply chain risk assessment and mitigation, and elimination of waste through the application of circular economy practices.

Regulatory Tracking

We track product related environmental regulations worldwide. We keep you informed regarding the developments impacting your products in the regions where they are sold, and provide industry-backed recommendations on cost. 

Anthesis can also supply RoHS, REACH & Conflict Minerals Training to clients looking to manage their compliance processes internally.

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Anthesis Compliance Data Collection Tool

Anthesis Compliance Data Collection (ACDC) is a FREE spreadsheet based tool to facilitate data capture and conversion between industry standard formats. This includes IEC 62474, IPC 1752 v1.1 and IPC 1752A.

This tool alleviates the common barriers to efficient data exchange and promotes reuse of declarations across the supply chain.

The ACDC is IPC1752A certified. Check out our credentials on the IPC website.

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