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The Anthesis built and managed Supplier Network app is used by over 10,000 Tesco suppliers across Europe. Suppliers using the app can read, watch and download resources from Tesco on issues such as energy use, food waste and innovation. The app provides suppliers with instant notifications on the latest supply insights and updates from industry. It also includes the option to sign up for webinars, site visits, and conferences, with inbuilt event reminders.

Many companies want to integrate sustainability into their day-to-day operations but are often faced by resourcing issues and a distinct lack of on-the-ground expertise.

Anthesis has a range of industry specialists with first-hand experience of working in operational and project management roles that facilitate change and drive momentum. Using roadmaps and action plans that have jointly been agreed with clients, we provide resources and technical capability to deliver activities in partnership with in-house resources, supply chain partners and other third parties.

How we do it

  • Secondments – providing specific product expertise and technical capabilities deployed within our client’s organisations to work with leadership, CSR and operational teams.
  • Facilitation – bringing together key internal and external stakeholders, sometimes from across the product value chain, to deliver change programmes where collaboration and innovation are required.
  • Project management and resourcing – delivering bespoke programmes of work and projects including software, consulting and data visualisation reports, to achieve deliverables which support sustainable production, consumption and circularity.
  • Business case development – creating detailed change management programmes and running trials for new ways of working that support the circular economy by considering the use of products in a different consumption cycle.


Anthesis have been collaborating with Tesco for the last few years. Among a range of projects, Anthesis have supported and facilitated the Supplier Network Platform, which promotes communication and stimulates discussion and knowledge sharing between Tesco and our suppliers.

Carmen Chan
Senior Sustainability and Fabric Manager
F&F (Tesco)

Key People

Lisa Grice
Executive Director, North America
Debbie Hitchen
Director, UK
Helen Kean
Technical Director, UK
Claudia Amos
Technical Director - Plastics Technology, Infrastructure & Commercial Due Diligence, UK
Berta Mota
Plastic Circularity and Supply Chain Manager, Anthesis Lavola
Jason Gooden
Executive Director and Information Solutions Lead, North America

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Anthesis has offices in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Finland, Colombia, Brazil, China, the Philippines and the Middle East.