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Resource Efficiency and Waste Analysis

Maximising the use of raw materials with minimum waste should be normal business practice

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We help governments design and implement circular policy measures. For example, our digital waste tracking tool has been shortlisted by Defra’s GovTech Catalyst competition. Vastum’s free-to-use system will digitally record all waste movements, tracking waste from the producer to its final destination and fate.

Using resources efficiently makes good business sense. Maximising the use of raw materials, product and other assets in order to function effectively, with minimum waste and expenses should be normal business practices in most organisations.

The Anthesis team has extensive experience in the circular economy and have of helped departments, organisations, trade bodies and collectives to assess their resource consumption and identify pathways for efficiency. Our expertise includes product and packaging manufacturing, food and beverage industries, retail, hospitality and wholesale.

How we analyse resource efficiency and waste

  • Waste audits – we evaluate the amount of waste in your operations and supply chain while identifying hotspots and areas for improvement. Our experience also enables us to set baselines and realistic goals.
  • LEAN efficiency reviews – using our Six Sigma qualified colleagues, we analyse missed opportunities and risks associated with inefficient manufacturing processes and business operations to inform change management programmes.
  • Waste, recycling and secondary commodity supply – we review existing contract terms, gatefees and market practices to recommend new and sometimes innovative ways to deliver more materials through the circular economy.
  • Materials, resources and waste data analytics – we conduct market assessments, provide due diligence of investments and acquisitions and design traceability or policy innovation measures.
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Anthesis has a solid track record of contributing meaningfully to the advancement of the 'resource management' sector through the work it delivers for governments, businesses and other high profile clients.

Paul Vanston

We chose to work with Anthesis, who from the start have demonstrated their ability to manage complex and moving workstreams and their expertise in advanced recycling technology processes, waste management infrastructure, and data analysis and visualization. We value their thought partnership and are continually impressed with the depth and detail in their work and presentations.

Paula N. Luu
Project Director, Center for the Circular Economy, Closed Loop Partners
Closed Loop Partners

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