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Strategy Implementation and Reporting

Creating ambitious roadmaps as part of a broader commitment to reporting frameworks such as SBTs

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We can combine state-of-the-art data visualisation and analysis tools such as Tableau to present your data or roadmap as actionable insights.

For every ambitious set of goals and corporate-wide vision, there needs to be a tangible roadmap and strategy that sits behind it. Done right, a strategy doesn’t just exist as a goal-ticking exercise; it informs and dictates the way products, services and even operations are managed across the whole value chain.

Anthesis has helped many corporate clients develop ambitious roadmaps, often as part of a broader commitments to reporting frameworks such as Science Based Targets. Our support considers the drivers, unique challenges and opportunities a company faces when making significant changes to products and services within its portfolio.

We also support our clients to create evidence based and robust reports to chart progress through their change journey. We offer reporting solutions which are audience-appropriate, technically underpinned and can be used to present work programmes for change to internal and external stakeholders.

Our Strategy Implementation and Reporting services:

  • Assessing existing business strategy, governance structures, organisational alignment, focus areas, and commitments.
  • Creating a map of the material and business flows while identifying environmental and social impacts across your value chain.
  • Interviewing functional and business unit leaders to understand where they see the greatest opportunities (and roadblocks) for value from sustainability-related change.
  • Articulating a clear business case for sustainability-led strategy and reporting at your organisation that reflects the tangible and intangible benefits of pursuing a sustainability agenda.
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Anthesis has been an integral part of our sustainability journey and have provided us with continuous guidance and support. Their structured approach has helped make sustainability central to business decisions and operations. Their know-how and best-practice expertise across multiple sectors have ensured high quality outcomes and remain key in allowing us to realise the Group’s sustainability ambitions.

José Antonio Perez
Group Marketing Manager
BDR Thermea

Anthesis Lavola has been a key partner in the development, maintenance and improvement of Cellnex’s sustainability strategy for more than 15 years. We intend to maintain collaboration with the Anthesis team to advance our sustainable development in countries [where Cellnex is present] across Europe.

Àngels Ucero
People and Organisation Director
Cellnex Telecom

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