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Improve Your ESG Performance

To enable management teams to determine their company's ESG issues and opportunities for improvement

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Institutional investors are looking to see that investment managers and management teams have considered what ESG issues are material in each asset or company and have implemented targeted plans to reduce risk and achieve improvement.

Our ESG Improvement Strategy services

As such, Anthesis works directly with company management teams to support them with ESG Improvement Strategies, through analytical reviews and face-to-face workshops. The ESG improvement review determines which are their material issues, and then helps the management team to define its key performance indicators and set related improvement targets. If appropriate, this can be done mindful of an owner or investors standard requirements, how to improve ESG rating scores, mapping actions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and/or identifying Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) aligned reporting metrics.

How our ESG improvement strategies benefit your investment

Central to this is an understanding of what is achievable and what are the likely costs and returns on investment. To do this Anthesis leverage our strength in depth to bring in the relevant expert advisers, for instance in energy, resource use and waste minimisation and management, to seek out cost-effective improvement opportunities and implementation strategies. These specialists bring with them years of experience of delivering solutions within industry.

Our advice always seeks to balance the ESG performance benefits with the related implementation costs and our experience extends to helping to identify and facilitate alternative financing arrangements if required. Within our strategy advice, Anthesis will lay out the best options for monitoring subsequent performance and collecting and reporting related data.

We also routinely put in place implementation teams, potentially embedding our staff within the client organisation or a site to facilitate delivery.

Find out how to implement ESG improvement strategies

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I have worked with Anthesis for many years. They have a depth of ESG understanding and expertise, allowing real analysis and advice on the emerging issues that are becoming increasingly material to our clients. What sets them apart is their willingness and ability to apply this, together with technology solutions, to enhance the quality and speed of their reporting.

Paul Davies
Partner, Latham & Watkins
Latham & Watkins

We wanted the ESG screen as we were keen to understand the definition of ESG and to see the criteria you would be using. We were also interested to see how others would view us through this lens. The Anthesis screen provided us a with a “mirror”. The value to Neste was that it confirmed we are on a right track to addressing ESG issues. It also helped us to identify some potential improvement opportunities, several of which we are working on, and others that warrant further evaluation.

Employee, Neste
Neste Corporation

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