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Guide: Activating Supplier Engagement on Scope 3 Emissions

September 3, 2021 | News,

This guide addresses the most common topics and considerations Anthesis hears from clients across five stages of creating a successful supplier engagement program, including:

  1. Target Setting
  2. Establishing a Program
  3. Data Collection & Tools
  4. Implementation & Driving Impact
  5. Measuring & Reporting


To support organisations at all stages of the supplier engagement journey, Anthesis has put together a guide that provides an overview of the key elements needed to execute a successful supply chain engagement program on scope 3 emissions and activate suppliers to set SBTs. Anthesis has worked with numerous industry-leading corporations to identify and deploy the tools, processes, challenges, and enablers required to support sustainability, procurement, and sourcing teams, along with suppliers, to directly act and establish efficient and effective programs that drive supply chain transformation. The learnings included in the guide were informed by engagements with VmWare, PayPal, Tesco, Autodesk, and other clients.

This guidance was authored by Amanda Fefferman and Elena Kocherovsky. 

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Activating Supplier Engagement on Scope 3 Emissions

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