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  • Lille
    Alexandre Lemille:
    +33 (0) 631 417 982

About our France Sustainability Consultancy

Anthesis in France is led by recognised social value and circular economy leaders Adriana Quintero Grijalba and Alexandre Lemille. Adriana and Alexandre have diverse backgrounds in terms of broad experience across industries and geographies. They are able to provide senior counsel and act as trusted delivery partners to their clients.

Our services

Our business in France provides its clients with the full set of Anthesis services, drawing upon the group’s wider network of technical expertise and experience.  Alex and Adriana have a particular focus on circular economy, social value and sustainability, from corporate vision to transparency through to the management of supply chains, disruptive thinking and socially-minded solutions.

Amongst other services, our team of sustainability consultants offer social impact assessments,  product circularity design and conventional due diligence services, enriched by the ability to conduct statistic-driven scenario analysis and consider broader liabilities and opportunities, including:

  • Vulnerability to climate change
  • Work conditions
  • Supply chain risk reduction
  • Circular economy strategies and business models
  • Responsible data reliability
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Social and community matters
  • Resource management improvements
  • Social impact assessment
  • Energy efficiency optimization