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Ecology and Ecosystems

Developing strategies to ensure that ecological impacts are avoided or reduced

Anthesis understand the issues associated with developments in both green and brownfield areas. Our team has conducted ecological and associated studies for more than 140 projects in over 25 countries.

Ecology assessments are designed to mitigate our impact on the natural land and conversation areas. In the context of infrastructure development, they’re often required as part of planning applications and can help inform buying decisions.

Our ecology team has extensive experience in undertaking comprehensive baseline biodiversity investigations and detailed ecological impact assessments to identify the nature and extent of these impacts. We can help you to develop mitigation and compensation strategies to ensure that ecological impacts are avoided or reduced to within acceptable limits.

How develop strategies for ecosystems:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Baseline biodiversity assessments and ecological impact assessments – conducted in line with compliance with local legislation, as well as regional and international environmental treaties.
  • Green building certification – we can help you prevent negative ecological impacts as part of masterplans and large-scale developments through green building certification.
  • Ecological management plans – we are able to develop comprehensive action and management plans to ensure regulatory compliance and demonstrate environmental performance.
  • Compliance monitoring and audits.
  • Rehabilitation and remediation plans.
  • Development of protected species translocation and compensation plans.

Our team can develop ecology impact assessments in accordance with World Bank Standards and the Equator Principles. These can be seamlessly integrated into Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs).

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