Regenerative Agriculture

Revitalising our connection to the land

In the face of challenges posed by the 2020 disruptions to agriculture and food systems, the call for regenerative agriculture has never been more urgent. The need for regenerative solutions is clear – from mitigating climate change to fostering biodiversity and ensuring the resilience of our food supply chains. Supporting water resilience, soil health, reforestation, biodiversity and farmers livelihoods

At Anthesis, we recognise the pivotal role of regenerative agriculture in shaping the future of food systems and soil health. Our global team of experts collaborates with clients throughout the value chain to co-create regenerative solutions that not only uphold sustainability principles but also drive positive business outcomes.

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We support clients to craft a regenerative agriculture strategy that drives value creation through redefining our food system’s relationship with nature and creating clear roadmaps to engage suppliers and farmers on contributing to a nature-positive future.

A regenerative agriculture and food system unlocks the following value:

  • Brand differentiation and preference
  • Investor confidence and cost of capital
  • Deeper and more resilient partner relationships
  • Superior products and customer experiences
  • Talent attraction, motivation and retention
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduce reputational risks
  • Greater resilience in the supply of security

Ecosystem Revitalisation: Supporting regenerative practices that enhance water resilience, soil health, reforestation, and biodiversity while empowering farmers for sustainable livelihoods.

Resilient Supply Chain Development: Crafting strategies and employing innovative technologies to build resilient and efficient supply chains that prioritise regenerative principles.

Innovative Solutions Incentives: Encouraging the adoption of creative and transformative regenerative solutions in food production through collaborative initiatives and shared platforms.

Digital Transformation for Regenerative Practices: Leveraging emerging technologies for regenerative agriculture, including science-based metrics, data benchmarking, and agri-tech assessments.

  • Forestry
  • Biodiversity
  • Input Management
  • Climate
  • Water
  • Livlihoods
  • Waste
  • Commodities
  • Agri Tech
  • Energy
  • Animal Health & Welfare

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