Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

To drive sustainable performance, we need to ensure that our colleagues reflect the society we wish to transform.
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Our agenda is guided by feedback from Anthesis colleagues to create a consciously inclusive environment that will enable our employees to thrive and be supported.

At Anthesis, we believe that diversity, in all its forms, brings great benefit to our people and to our business. When we engage with different perspectives, backgrounds, and skills we make better decisions, we serve our clients well and we enrich our individual and collective experience.

Recognising that the diverse talent of our colleagues at all stages of their careers is our greatest strength, we operate on the basis of unity not uniformity, and we cultivate an inclusive & respectful culture that supports all of our employees in fulfilling their potential.

  • Maintaining a culture where everyone feels they belong
  • Nurturing a more diverse Anthesis at all levels of our business
  • Fostering a consciously inclusive business in order to drive change in the broader sustainability profession whilst delivering on our core mission.

Celebrating the diversity of the organisation, and recognising the existence of powerful micro-cultures/identities that people need to also connect to, is a balance that seems rare in growing people businesses

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Anthesis is working to build a more diverse talent pipeline, including the development of apprenticeship and internship programmes across our regions.

Nurturing an Inclusive Culture

We take action to ensure that we represent and provide an inclusive space for our diverse workforce.

  • Employee networks – We are working to establish global employee-led resource networks to focus on the specific needs and interests of groups of employees, and to create a safe space for and provide support to these groups.
  • Celebrating diversity – we run campaigns both globally and regionally throughout the year to celebrate our diversity, build awareness and foster inclusion. Example campaigns include International Women’s Day, Dyslexia Awareness and Black History Month.
  • Peer-to-peer learning community – our North America business has established a popular JEDIA learning community where our employees come together for discussion and shared learning, often focused on a specific book, article or documentary.