Carbon Credits & Projects

Act now and take full responsibility on the route to net zero for the emissions you can’t avoid or reduce yet.
carbon credits and carbon projects

Our approach to investing in the carbon market focuses on enabling clients to take responsibility now for their residual emissions, also known as offsetting. This works in parallel with a long-term and credible reduction pathway. We offer best practice carbon credits after an intensive due diligence process and we develop our own carbon projects.

We follow the science in everything we do. We only support and develop carbon credits and projects which create viable impact and credibly reduce and remove global emissions.


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Working with Industry Leaders

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Our Quality Standards

At Anthesis, we ensure that the credits you purchase, genuinely contribute to a reduction in carbon. Every credit represents a reduction of one ton of CO2 in the atmosphere. This claim is verified by independent, internationally recognised agencies, which check whether our projects meet precisely defined standards.

regenerative agriculture in south america

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Software

By providing a comprehensive view of emissions and utilising validated data, Anthesis RouteZero empowers businesses to assess their carbon footprint accurately, identify reduction opportunities, and make informed decisions when exploring and implementing carbon offset initiatives.

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Our Experts

Anthesis develops and supports technology and nature-based offsetting projects within the Voluntary Carbon Market. Our carbon offset programmes are suitable for organisations wanting to take responsibility for their residual emissions.