Human Rights & Social Impact Services

Advising businesses to respect human rights and champion social impact to meet the needs of all people within the means of a living planet.
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The global human rights and social impact landscape is moving towards increased regulatory oversight, due diligence, and mandatory reporting on the impacts organisations have on workers, suppliers, communities, and consumers. Our suite of services in Human Rights & Social Impact is designed to help corporates, funds, public administrations, and international institutions comprehensively address these challenges by assessing human rights risks and decent working conditions, remediating issues, monitoring and measuring impact and designing bespoke social impact programs.

Our diverse team combines broad and deep human rights and social subject matter expertise with commercial and operational capabilities to help organisations at different stages implement strategies to respect human rights and deliver meaningful social impact.

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Modern Slavery Act

Find out more about Modern Slavery and Human Rights Legislation and what this means for your business and supply chain.


EU Human Rights Due Diligence

Learn more about how the European Union (EU) is stepping into a leadership position on the need for mandatory measures to increase the breadth and depth of human rights and environmental due diligence.



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