Activator Summit 2023 Insights

Our second annual Activator Summit in London.


The Activator Summit brings together our closest clients and partners to discuss the key trends, challenges, material risks and opportunities and incoming regulatory demands that face organisations. The event agenda is shaped by the attendees to answer their most pressing sustainability questions.

The 2023 Summit involved a series of panel discussions and roundtable discussions exploring topics including Nature, Net Zero, CSRD and Double Materiality, Human Rights and more.

This was the first in-person external event I have attended in some time and it was very worthwhile. The balance of businesses attending allowed some useful and thought provoking discussions to take place. It was evident many of the attendees are grappling similar challenges.

Opening presentation

Stuart McLachlan, CEO, and Dean Sander, Chief Enterprise Officer, opened the day with an interview on Anthesis’ journey over the past decade and what they expect from the next decade. They used the concept of moving from a Day 1 to a Day 2 organisation, inspired by their recently published book, ‘The Adventure of Sustainable Performance‘.

Panel discussion: The Decisive Decade: Fast Forward to Day 2

Dean Sanders hosted a panel discussion to provide insight into what Day 2 looks like for DigitalNatureHuman Rights and Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).


  • Richard Peagam, Global Digital Director
  • Bianca Nijhof, Associate Director, Nature
  • Mariana Abreu, Partner, Head of ESG & Human Rights
  • Michael Lenaghan, Associate Director, LCA

Key discussion highlights include: 

  • How to use LCA to drive strategic transformation
  • Moving from corporate social responsibility to human rights risk management across the value chain
  • Not fearing the complexity of nature and having the courage to act
  • How to use digital tools to scale sustainable performance
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Panel discussion: Preparing for CSRD: Moving from Mandatory Reporting to Sustainable Performance and Value Creation

Nita P.Woods, Director, hosted a panel discussion on how to prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting DirectiveDouble Materiality and how to go beyond the regulation to create sustainable performance.

The event was genuinely authentic, which in my opinion led to a more productive session. People were open, honest about their positions and that contributed to more knowledge sharing.


  • Alex McKay, Associate Director, ESG and Sustainability Strategy
  • Ben Tuxworth, Technical Director, Strategy
  • Melody Stewart, Strategic Sustainability Director

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