Double Materiality

The Next Frontier in ESG

What is Double Materiality?

The term “double materiality” refers to how social and environmental information disclosed by a company can be material both in terms of its implications for the organisation’s financial value, as well as their external impact on society and the environment.

‘Materiality’, in this sense, is referring to the issues, both financial and sustainability-related, that are most important for an organisation to address. In other words, companies should not only consider how their decisions will affect their bottom line, but also how they will affect society and the environment.

The double materiality concept has gained increasing attention in recent years as organisations’ impacts on the world around them are subject to new levels of consumer and regulatory scrutiny.

There are a number of reasons why double materiality is important:

First, it can help companies to identify and manage risks. For example, a company that is not taking into account the potential impact of climate change on its business is at risk of losing out to competitors that are.

Second, double materiality can help companies to identify and seize opportunities. For example, a company that is investing in sustainability initiatives may be able to attract new customers and partners, or reduce its costs.

Third, double materiality can help companies to build trust with stakeholders. Investors, customers, employees, and the public are increasingly demanding that companies be transparent about their sustainability performance. By embracing double materiality, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and build trust with these key stakeholders.

Double Materiality Guidance

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Double Materiality Guide

Regulation around sustainability reporting is getting tighter. How can you meet the emerging regulatory requirements on double materiality, but also make sure you use the process to make your organisation more sustainable?

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Webinar: Getting Started with Double Materiality

Join the Anthesis team as they examine the significant elements of materiality, including the double-materiality perspective, risks and opportunities.

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