Supply Chain Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing

Creating ethical, just and environmentally friendly supply chains through transparency, traceability, compliance, supplier engagement and continuous improvement.
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The core of a sustainable business is found within its supply chain and operations. We know that to safeguard our natural ecosystems and protect the livelihoods and well-being of people around the world we must invest in creating sustainable supply chains.

Sustainability priorities for organisations continue to grow. While energy and decarbonisation remain high on the priority list, there is a heightened focus and commitment from organisations to drive progress on key impact areas including human rights, social impact and DEI, circularity and waste, pollution, nature and biodiversity, and water stewardship. The best pathway to driving impact on these initiatives lies within the broader value chain. However, the global landscape and complexity of these networks result in companies struggling to fully understand how these risks and opportunities that traverse across issues, industries and locations truly impact their business and how to prioritise, plan and implement tools for identification, mitigation, reporting and impact.

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Activating Supplier Engagement on Scope 3 Emissions

To support organisations at all stages of the supplier engagement journey, Anthesis has put together a guide that provides an overview of the key elements needed to execute a successful supply chain engagement program on scope 3 emissions and activate suppliers to set SBTs.

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Anthesis Compliance Suite

The Anthesis cloud-based solution for effortless material compliance and conflict minerals management.


German Supply Chain Act

The objective of the act is for German business to comply with due diligence obligations to improve compliance with human rights and material standards within supply chains.


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