Supplier Engagement

Create trusted relationships across your supply chain and drive tangible business benefits through collaboration, communication, and transparency.
supplier engagement

Businesses are accountable to protect people and the planet across their entire value chain, not only within their own operations.

This underscores the importance of companies having full visibility into their value chain, and a strategy to influence environmental and social changes within each supply tier. Today, engaging suppliers extends beyond price, quality and service considerations, and includes understanding their sustainability, human rights and compliance efforts. To achieve this visibility and accelerate progress towards your sustainability goals, a supplier engagement program is an essential first step.  

Whether your focus is meeting your SBTi targets, developing a scope 3 strategy to reduce emissions, managing nature risks, or implementing a Human Rights and Environmental Supply Chain Due Diligence Program, our team of sustainability and supply chain experts can support you in developing and implementing a comprehensive Supplier Engagement strategy and program. Our approach allows you to collaborate with your supply chain to drive impact, operate more proactively, and ensure compliance with new and impending regulations.

Client Results

To remain competitive and adapt to changing business and regulatory landscapes, companies must go beyond merely asking suppliers to align with their sustainability goals. Anthesis’ Supplier Engagement experts can support you across all aspects of your Supplier Engagement program, from strategy development to implementation and management. Our goal is to create a tailored program that meets the needs of your company and is based on industry best practices. Whether you are creating your first supplier code of conduct, developing a strategy to align with sustainability goals, implementing technology to support data collection, or curating a tailored program to support individual suppliers, Anthesis will be your partner of choice.


We work closely with you, your suppliers and industry peers to set sustainability goals, develop action plans and implement best practices that align with your environmental and social objectives. 


Data sharing is the foundation to a sustainable future. Streamlining the process for your suppliers to easily share relevant data promotes informed decision making and accountability.  

Capacity Building

Empower your suppliers by providing them access to education and resources to improve their sustainability performance, enhance their understanding of sustainability issues and adopt relevant technologies and best practices.  

  • Tailored Training: Webinars, 1:1 and live workshops for suppliers that are fine tuned to address your expectations, fill your supplier’s knowledge gaps, and upskill suppliers in topics of interest (ex: traceability, renewable energy procurement, etc) 
  • E-Learning: Access to online training that can be tailored to your company and provided to your entire organization and value chain. 
  • Supplier Days: We all work best when we fully understand our customer’s objectives, vision, and goals for the future. Supplier Days allow you to align your supplier with your supply chain sustainability goals and ensure that they are enabled with the right tools and knowledge to meet your evolving needs. 
Supply Chain Risk Assessments

Identify, analyze, prioritize and manage material social and environmental risks across your supply chain. This approach allows you to concentrate your efforts and allocate resources more effectively. 


Work with suppliers to innovate and develop sustainable solutions, products and processes that reduce environmental impacts, enhance resource efficiency, and create positive impacts across the supply chain.

Integrate and Icentivize

Embed Supplier Engagement into your procurement processes to drive supplier performance.  


Establish mechanisms to monitor, evaluate and track progress, address challenges and continuously improve your overall supply chain sustainability.

The foundations of a successful Supplier Engagement Strategy:

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