Ensuring Coral's Warning Signs are Seen Beyond the Ocean Floor


Half of our coral reefs have already died, and the other half are severely threatened. The Ocean Agency needed a branded movement that could inspire brands to raise awareness about their critical plight.

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Before dying coral is bleached of its colour, it performs a luminous colourful display. These warning signs are the most beautiful cry for help you could ever see, but are hidden away beneath the surface.

We created the Glowing Glowing Gone campaign to take this extraordinary warning off the ocean floor, and into popular culture. We started by creating three new colours with Pantone, each representing the glowing display our reefs are making. And through a partnership with Adobe, we invited creatives everywhere to share them.

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An army of glowing support followed. From the streets of Notting Hill Carnival, to Times Square, to the World Surf League in Tahiti. And as brands, creatives and media partners embraced our invitation, a wave of earned media impressions helped raise awareness of coral’s plight like never before.

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