Lifecycle Assessments

Differentiate your products to create positive sustainability impacts and business value

Lifecycle Assessments (LCAs) can support organisations to identify environmental risks, demonstrate environmental benefits, and enable tangible reductions in the use of resources, pollution, and waste.

We are a global leader in delivering actionable LCA assessments for organisations across sectors with a team of industry-leading experts. Unique to our LCA services is a focus on how the LCA results can be actioned to drive sustainability improvements in line with client objectives, such as net zero aspirations.

Our services include strategy sessions to help you determine what LCA can do for you, impact improvement workshops, LCA support, and scope 3/LCA integration.

Our LCA consultants, strategists, analysts, and educators provide a range of lifecycle assessment services including:

Lifecycle assessment: We work with clients to determine how LCA can be useful to their objectives, then identify the correct level of rigour and study goal and scope to meet those objectives. In addition to screening-level LCAs or detailed ISO-compliant LCAs, we offer a state-of-the-art product footprinting tool to help clients quickly assess the footprint of a variety of product or packaging design options.

Impact improvement: Through a combination of subject matter expert research, LCA scenario analysis, and facilitated workshops we help identify meaningful, feasible impact improvement options considering lifecycle changes in the studied product, material, or business model.

Communication: We help clients with effective and defensible communication of LCA results to meet your stakeholder engagement objectives.

Education and capacity building: We offer LCA training and education to help you build internal capacity to understand and undertake LCAs in-house.

We have experience with all major LCA methodologies and software systems and can support organisations with comprehensive and complete frameworks bespoke to their organisational circumstances.

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Our Life Cycle Assessments align with internationally accredited compliance and regulatory processes, including ISO 14040 and 14044.

Types of LCA covered:

  • Streamlined LCA
  • Packaging LCA
  • Carbon footprints
  • Water footprints
  • Detailed iso-compliant LCA
  • Product environmental footprints
  • LCA tools
  • Social LCA
  • Total organisational LCA

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