Green Claims

Supporting the communication of your sustainability credentials

Regardless of the good intentions behind green claims, if the message is misleading, or the claim is not adequately substantiated, it exposes the organisation to reputational risk as well as potential legal risk.

As there are an increasing number of regulations across global markets requiring that evidence be available to demonstrate the accuracy of each claim, there are legal consequences for companies that don’t adhere to these requirements.

There are current examples of leading brands spanning a range of sectors who have faced lawsuits, investigations or penalties over disputed truthfulness of a particular green claim.


Green Claims Whitepaper

This Whitepaper sets out the role that certifications can play in assuring green claims and guaranteeing compliance with new sustainability regulations.


In mitigating your risk in making green claims, there are a series of steps that Anthesis recommends for building out a robust foundation to support truthful and substantiated green claims.

  1. Create an internal green claims policy and governance framework
  2. Review and assess existing claims
  3. Establish documentation (or verify documentation) of evidence needed to support claims
  4. Map and prioritise the product’s sustainability attributes to ensure claims are material to your organisation
  5. Evaluate which certifications can best support your existing or intended claims
  6. Develop appropriate, accurate messaging that aligns product and carbon claims with corporate strategy
  7. Lead a process of supporting suppliers to adopt company-level claims at the supplier level, building consistency across the whole business model
  8. Develop and facilitate internal education for all relevant stakeholder teams to be trained on greenwashing risks, best practices of green claims, and specific protocols for company green claims governance

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