Just Transition

Empowering organizations to participate in an inclusive green future that maximizes economic and social opportunities for workers and communities while also promoting resilient value chains.
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The world is in the process of transitioning to a low-carbon economy. The rising importance of climate has necessitated action and, with it, rapid transitions to a green, decarbonized future. Countries and companies alike are making efforts to decarbonize, green their economies, and build resilience against climate change.

The transition to a greener future has highlighted the undeniable ties between people and place: when place is harmed or impacted by climate change, the people are too. The actions to achieve a low carbon future are trying to address the place part of the equation, but social action is the non-negotiable second piece. The principles of Just Transition, Climate Justice, and Environmental Justice help complete the equation to ensure that the world’s greener future also uplifts impacted workers and communities to ensure the climate-positive future is equitable and sustainable.

Our comprehensive approach to Supply Chain Due Diligence ensures that every aspect of your supply chain is meticulously examined, assessed, and aligned with the highest standards of responsibility.

Anthesis’ climate, supply chain, and social impact expertise enables us to empower organizations to participate in an inclusive green future that maximizes economic and social opportunities for workers and communities, while also helping build resilient value chains. Our approach for helping organizations secure an equitable future that embodies just transition and climate justice principles while always keeping the organization’s performance in mind.

By integrating a just transition into sustainability commitments, policies and practices, organizations can bridge the various agendas that exist at the nexus of environmental sustainability and social justice and impact. This can be achieved by integrating foundational principles that contribute to decarbonizing actions and simultaneously reduce existing inequalities. Anthesis can help you identify your organization’s current state, including boundary of operations and supply chain, regulatory due diligence, and reporting expectations. We can then develop a strategy, time-bound roadmap, and key performance indicators that help you understand how a just transition aligns with your sustainability efforts, how to take swift and measurable action, and how to communicate progress along the way.


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