Supply Chain Due Diligence & Responsible Sourcing

The world’s leading corporates come to us to assess human rights risks in their supply chain.
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Regulations increasingly mandate supply chain due diligence, with increased scrutiny on human rights risks beyond first tier suppliers. We help clients proactively manage potential and actual adverse human rights impacts throughout their supply chain and develop approaches to engage with high-risk suppliers globally. 

Our approach ensures that a business has a due diligence policy and practices based on international best practices and guiding principles (OECD, UNGPs) and implements these in their supply chains. We then enable businesses to understand how they will enact and embed the diligence.

Case studies

Our Supply Chain and Human Rights teams are ready to use their expertise in human rights and environmental due diligence as well as supply chain data gathering capabilities to help you identify, assess, monitor and manage, build and mitigate, and report.

  • Identify (review value chain and landscape, map supply chain, develop readiness questionnaire, and conduct gap analysis).
  • Assess (identify material impacts, conduct holistic risk assessment, segment and prioritize risks).
  • Design & manage (Develop recommendations and risk mitigation plan, develop policies, monitoring and evaluation processes, establish governance and oversight approach).
  • Monitor & mitigate (Develop risk assessment and due diligence procedures, establishing supplier data collection processes, providing ongoing support and training for suppliers).
  • Report (Assess progress against targets & goals, analyze individual supplier data, review and analyze summary data).

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