Social Impact Assessment and Measurement

We draw on localised and sector-specific expertise to identify social conditions, risks and opportunities associated with services and products.
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Regulatory compliance, risk management, stakeholder engagement, and corporate responsibility increasingly mandate and expect companies to demonstrate they are meeting certain social standards, anticipating and mitigating negative social consequences and improving their social performance in line with environmental and economic considerations. We help clients establish measurement and monitoring frameworks to measure, manage, and improve social performance of their services, products, policies, and programs.

With expertise in community engagement, resource management, human rights, social compliance, and monitoring and evaluation, our diverse team works closely with clients to tailor social assessment and measurement to their needs, whether it is at a corporate level, for a specific product, service, and/or for all or part of their supply chain. We work in partnership with clients so that social indicators assessed are in line with their corporate strategy and can be monitored and managed during current state and in the future.

Case studies

  • Conducting on-the-ground social impact assessments of projects, products, and or services.
  • Analyzing social value and social benefit sharing
  • Supporting clients analyse and achieve living wage and living income.
  • Calculating social return on investment (SROI).
  • Developing impact measurement frameworks, including theory of change, KPIs, maturity models.
  • Conducting social lifecycle assessments (S-LCA).
  • B-Corp Impact Assessment (BIA).

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