Carbon Project Development

Generating credits with carbon projects

Our international Carbon Project Development team works to help meet the growing demand for offsetting and to ensure our projects have the highest impact. Our expertise spans both portfolio management, meaning buying and selling offsets on behalf of our clients, as well as carbon project development.

We develop projects to provide carbon credits to a portfolio across 4 key themes: Mangroves/Blue carbon, Water and sanitation, Methane from landfill gas, and Regenerative agriculture.

We always approach projects in a holistic manner. This means that animals and livelihoods are always considered, as well as the atmosphere, nature, economy, local communities, the current and future state of ecosystems, and the beneficial effects for people. So, these projects have been developed in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, meaning that they not only facilitate investment in credible carbon project, also known as offsetting; all these also support local communities across the world.


Do you have a technology, circular system, process or innovation that reduces or removes CO2 from the atmosphere? Whether it is regenerative agriculture, forestry, blue carbon, safe water access or cleaner cookstoves, we could help you adding the carbon component to your project.