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Geert Eenhoorn

Carbon Projects & Origination

Geert largely grew up in South America and quickly learnt that the world is both beautiful and unequally shared. Summarising his career Geert is ‘Always seeking the business case of sustainability’. Geert’s has:

  • Worked on carbon projects & finance since 2004, firstly with a focus on waste management (composting, landfill gas)
  • Secured finance for multiple waste treatment initiatives (composting, manure) and other businesses (e.g. Solar PV research, WakaWaka light)
  • During the ‘carbon dip’ focussed on sustainable agricultural supply chains, mainly manure, rice and coffee, the latter two at UTZ/ Rainforest Alliance
  • Now back in carbon with focus on carbon offsetting & insetting through Nature Based Solutions, Regenerative Agriculture and Waste to Energy