Value Chain Insetting


The Concept of Insetting

The concept of insetting has gained prominence as a forward-thinking strategy to mitigate environmental impact in the value chain. Insetting involves initiatives that directly address a company’s carbon footprint and reduction within its own operations and supply chain. This innovative approach goes beyond mere compliance, allowing organisations to actively contribute to global sustainability goals by achieving significant GHG reductions and removals. Insetting ‘credits’ can replace Voluntary Carbon Market’s carbon credit investments , but insetting will be mainly used as reduction within the value chain.

Our proficiency in carbon  insetting positions us as the ideal partner for organisations seeking impactful and measurable sustainability strategies. With a focus on bespoke, results-driven approaches, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of insetting seamlessly. We have built an insetting expertise on agricultural value chains and beyond: from the dairy sector to transportation, we cover a wide range of industries. Insetting ‘credits’ can replace Voluntary Carbon Market’s carbon credit investments , but insetting will be mainly used as reduction in the value chain.

Insetting Certification Programme

Because value chains often represent a large part of an organisation’s GHG inventory and are severely impacted by climate change, there is an urgency in implementing impactful projects that reduce GHG emissions while enhancing biodiversity and improving communities’ livelihoods.

To make a real difference, insetting projects must be credible, and their impact must be real. For these reasons, Anthesis is currently developing a new certification programme for insetting projects.
The first drafts of the Insetting programme’s documentation have been designed and restricted stakeholder consultation rounds have been organized. Anthesis is following ISEAL’s Code of Good Practice in its development trajectory and as such will soon proceed to public consultation rounds on the content of the programme. Meanwhile, we are working on piloting our insetting certification programme with international organisations.


  • Carbon Footprint Assessment: Our experts conduct comprehensive scope 3 assessments to identify your organisation’s carbon footprint in its value chain, laying the foundation for targeted insetting initiatives.
  • Customised Insetting Programs: We design tailor-made carbon insetting programs that align with your business goals, integrating seamlessly into your value chain. Do you want your insetting project to obtain a credible certification? We can support you with this process.
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Stay informed about the effectiveness of your insetting initiatives with our robust monitoring and reporting services, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Foster a culture of sustainability within and beyond your organisation. Our stakeholder engagement services help you communicate and amplify the positive impact of your insetting efforts.

Do you want more information on the Insetting Certification Programme or our services related to value chain chain insetting? Please get in touch!