Forest Positive

Accelerating a Forest Positive future by helping our partners take action to create a deforestation- and conversion- free value chain.
forest positive

Often called the lungs of our planet, forests play a critical role in the functioning of healthy ecosystems and ecosystem services and are vital to the livelihoods of millions of people across the world. However, we are losing forests at an alarming rate to unsustainable agricultural practices, illegal logging, and rapid development.

In 2022, the world lost 6.6 million hectares of forests, putting us off course from achieving the no deforestation goal by 2030 set at COP26. This loss presents a risk of increasing global annual emissions, contributes to biodiversity loss, and directly threatens the future of forest communities.

Staying on course and achieving a Forest Positive future can be challenging, especially for businesses with complex and intricate supply chains. The Forest Positive team has the tools and expertise to help companies:

  • Identify and evaluate value chain risks related to conversion, deforestation, and human rights.
  • Develop responsible sourcing policies, deforestation-free commitments, and science- based targets for climate and nature.
  • Engage with supply chains and develop monitoring and verification systems.
  • Assess and communicate progress toward deforestation and conversion-free supply chains.
  • Drive continuous improvement and action.

Taking Forest Positive action can help companies:

  • Gain insight on supply chain: identify and reduce the social and environmental impacts of their forest risk commodity supply chains
  • Future-proof: meet the current and future demands of investors, customers, and regulatory requirements
  • Drive impact: restore and regenerate forest ecosystems, improve sourcing relationships with communities and suppliers.

“Anthesis conducted a bioenergy risk assessment that enabled us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved in our bioenergy supply chain. They provided us with an insightful analysis and valuable guidance on managing potential risks and we feel well-equipped to take this work forward.”

Catherine Zimmerman, Vice President, Global Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability, Ingredion 

Client Results

We support companies and financial institutions to leverage their purchasing power and investment capital to promote sustainable forest management, conservation, and restoration. By helping our clients develop ambitious strategies, solutions, and actionable roadmaps to create deforestation and conversion-free commodity supply chains, we enable them to translate ambition into action and accelerate a nature-positive future. In doing so, we employ internationally recognized best practices as a delivery partner for the Accountability Framework Initiative (AFI).

Our services include but are not limited to: benchmarking, target setting, policy development and implementation, risk and opportunity assessment, and supplier engagement.  Whatever stage you are at in your journey toward a Forest Positive future, Anthesis is here to help.

Benchmarking client’s responsible sourcing policies, targets, commitments, sourcing practices, and procedures against industry best practice and peers’ policies to identify gaps and improvement opportunities. 

Utilizing leading tools and resources to identify critical deforestation related risks within supply sheds, and actions to convert those risks into opportunities.  

Setting strategic, context-based/science-based goals and targets that will drive corporate action to meet no-deforestation goals. Developing accompanying roadmaps with clear milestones to guide activities and assess progress towards targets.​

Establishing/revising responsible sourcing policies. Creating training resources and developing supplier data collection systems to action responsible sourcing policies and evaluate sourcing activities. Embedding deforestation commitments into the company’s internal business activities and investment strategies.

Engaging with suppliers through training, data collection, and policy alignment activities. 

Assisting partners in developing and/or utilizing monitoring and verification systems to detect challenges and assessing and communicating progress internally and externally.

Our Experts

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