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Formem part de la Festa de la Ciència de Barcelona

26 maig, 2022 | Lavola Educa,

On the 28th and 29th of May the city of Barcelona celebrates the 15th Science Festival, within the framework of Barcelona Science , coordinated by the Department of Science and Universities of the Area of ​​Culture, Education, Science and Community of the City Council of Barcelona La Rambla del Raval will host 200 different activities to bring and spread scientific culture to citizens of all ages. More than 150 entities in the city related to science and outreach participate with experiments, installations, games, workshops, demonstrations, shows, debates, micro-talks, itineraries and guided tours, among others. 

Different people from the Anthesis Lavola education team will be present at this celebration dynamizing activities in the hands of the educational services that we coordinate both for citizen science projects, science museums, environmental education centers and educational programs. You will find us promoting these proposals: 


Plasticøpyr SWITCH

Anthesis Lavola, as a member of Plasticøpyr has designed this citizen science activity adapted for the occasion. The participants will have to order the conclusions obtained in the project by scientists and citizens. They will be able to consult the protocols developed at Plasticøpyr and, then, think and reflect in the form of a slogan and on a plate, which awareness message they would convey to the public to minimize the reality of plastic waste abandoned in the environment, as the conclusion of the study  

Laura and Joan take all the juice out of the search 

The educational program ‘Live research with Laura and Joan’ of the Department of Research and Universities of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which manages and energizes the Anthesis Lavola team, proposes to participate in an activity to discover what some of the foods contain what do we eat Through experimentation, some of the essential nutrients in samples of orange juice and cooked ham will be analyzed to highlight the importance of checking food labels and becoming aware of what we eat. Thanks to food technology, critical thinking is awakened to broaden the perspective regarding our health and our food consumption. 

Plastic sample 0 

L’equip d’educació ambiental d’Anthesis Lavola que coordina el Centre de la Platja de Barcelona proposa un taller per reflexionar sobre la problemàtica dels residus plàstics en els mars i oceans. Durant l’activitat els participants podran identificar la brossa que arriba a la sorra de les nostres platges i reflexionar com afecta els ecosistemes marins i com es pot tenir cura de l’entorn costaner. 


Tants becs, tants ocells

L’equip d’educació ambiental d’Anthesis Lavola que gestiona el Castell de Torre Baró convida a descobrir la relació entre la forma del bec dels ocells i la seva alimentació, a través d’un taller on aprendre a identificar diferents espècies d’ocells comunes a Collserola i a Barcelona i on, finalment, els participants podran construir una menjadora i emportar-se-la.  

O sole mio

En motiu de l’exposició temporal que el Cosmocaixa de Barcelona dedica al Sol, l’equip d’Anthesis Lavola que dinamitza les activitats educatives, serà present a la Festa amb una activitat per descobrir molts aspectes de la nostra relació amb l’astre, des d’utilitzar-lo per mesurar al temps fins a aprofitar-ne la seva energia, i per esbrinar com s’estudia des de la ciència. 

La Factoria de l’aigua

The Anthesis Lavola educational team coordinates and energizes the activities of the Agbar Museum school program and visits to the ETAP plant. During the Festival, this innovative proposal based on the tinkering methodology will be invigorated where participants face various challenges around water and find answers based on the manipulation of different materials. During 2018, the Anthesis Lavola consulting team collaborated in the conceptualization, design and production of the educational resource ‘ The Water Factory ‘.  

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