The Circulate Initiative: Mapping Local Plastic Recycling Supply Chains

Assess plastic recycling supply chains in India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Identify interventions to improve local plastic waste collection and recycling.

  • Evaluate plastic waste flows, map local supply chains, and track economics.
  • Conduct in-country interviews with local supply chain actors.
  • Develop playbooks with infrastructure and economic analysis.
  • Provided understanding of wastesheds in PET, LDPE, HDPE, and PP plastics.
  • Published reports by The Circulate Initiative for broader insights.
  • Delivered company-specific recommendations for investment opportunities.

Anthesis was an invaluable partner in data gathering, analysis, and facilitating discussions among various stakeholders. The study showed their in-depth understanding of the requirements for an efficient plastics recycling system.

Umesh Madhavan Research Director, The Circulate Initiative

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