Aligning Around A Common Purpose

Define organisational purpose and vision for sustainability and growth.
Develop purpose-driven circular business strategy for Yorkshire Valley Farms (YVF).

  • Assess revenue streams, water conservation, circularity, and organizational health.
  • Facilitate alignment on common purpose and vision.
  • Implement purpose-driven circular business strategy.
  • Achieved 10% reduction in freshwater usage.
  • Improved Organisational Health Index by 5.6%.
  • Circular advancements in packaging, water usage, and waste.
  • Purpose-driven Instagram content achieved 3.4x more engagement.

Our products have been organic since day 1, and I think that’s been a big part of how circularity has been in our mindset since the beginning. Our awareness on impact on planet and communities has been part of our values and DNA but this journey to get more circular has allowed us to think beyond organic and agricultural practices into how we think about that in terms of our people, our processes, the way that we operate, and the communities that we impact.

Krysten Cooper, Director of Corporate Culture & Sustainability Yorkshire Valley Farms

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