Shaun Enright

Executive Director

North America

shaun enright

Shaun joined Anthesis in August 2022 to lead North America’s Climate and Net Zero team and serve on the North America Leadership Team. In addition, he also serves on Anthesis’ Global Digital Council to oversee the development of climate and Net Zero digital solutions and capabilities in North America.

He has over 22 years of leadership in climate, energy, sustainability, and resilience, having honed his expertise across a diverse range of disciplines and dedicated the past decade of his career to advising commercial and public sector executives on meaningful strategies and implementation decision planning that resulted in a force multiplier for good.

Before joining Anthesis, Shaun led the upstart, advancement, and growth of Booz Allen’s Energy & Climate Analytics solutions. He has also helped start and grow the Cleantech Open U.S. Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions, a global accelerator focused on maturing innovative climate and energy ideas to be investment-ready. He has previously led high-performing teams in the development and go-to-market of new solutions and web-based products for multiple organizations.

Notably, Shaun supported the Secretariate levels of the U.S. Military with data-enabled investment strategies and innovative project structures that reduced climate risk exposure while increasing resilience to soldiers and critical infrastructure.