About Us

Anthesis is the sustainability activator. We drive performance through sustainability.
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At Anthesis, we champion sustainable performance as a transformative force. We are committed to accelerating progress towards a world in which businesses thrive in harmony with the environment and global communities, while achieving unprecedented levels of operational success. Our work and our mission extend beyond profit, centring around redefining progress through ethical practices, innovation, and social responsibility.

Each of our solutions pivot around one central goal: to empower organisations to be a force for good, for the planet and its people. Through strategic, data-driven guidance and innovative digital solutions, our experts are dedicated to building a new era of responsible business practices, forging a path towards a sustainable and thriving global community.

Our leadership is defined by visionary expertise, driving innovation and sustainability.

Our ambitions are clear: Empower action towards creating a thriving world for all.

As the largest group of sustainability experts globally, we’re making it happen. Since establishing in 2013, Anthesis Group has grown to more than 1,400+ experts, through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. We are proud of all leading sustainability organisations who joined Anthesis Group and all stand together, behind one common goal of making sustainability happen.

At Anthesis we value both the well-being and the professional development of our people by doing our best to make Anthesis a great place to work. Our identity, values, and the quality of our work are vested in our people and we want you to thrive, develop and succeed here.