Empowering organisations to accelerate towards a nature positive future by developing solutions that align business goals with earth system boundaries, strengthening the resilience of enterprises and ecosystems alike.
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Every business, regardless of sector, size or location, relies heavily on nature to supply goods and services.

Increasingly, however, these dependencies upon nature are left off businesses’ lists of priorities. With a decline of approximately 70% in global biodiversity since 1970, this has a significant impact on the balance in our planet’s natural systems. In addition, activities such as land clearing, crop production, and fertilisation contribute to 25% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

As global ecosystem health declines, organisations face significant risks, including higher raw material and ingredient costs and increasing scrutiny from investors, regulators, and consumers. Organisations that choose to act now to restore nature can unlock value creation through new business models and product or service offerings, improve the attractiveness of their existing offerings, enhance their supply chain resilience, and lower their operating costs.

Anthesis supports business leaders to apply a Nature-positive lens to their entire enterprise, and to develop strategies to de-risk their supply chains and investment portfolios. Together, we can create positive impact for both the natural world and businesses’ bottom lines through embracing innovations in sustainably derived materials, developing production methods that halt and reverse nature loss, and transforming business models that regenerate and restore ecosystem health.

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glenelg river victoria - water - co-benefits guide

Co-Benefits Guide

This Guide is intended to provide a practical step-by-step process for water sector organisations, and team members in key functions, to design and plan carbon projects that are also capable of attracting co-investment, first and foremost, on the basis of their co-benefit (CoB) value.

glenelg river victoria - water - co-benefits guide

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