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Sustainable Digital Transformation: Best-in-Class Solutions for Global Impact
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Anthesis drives sustainable digital transformation with a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions. Seamlessly integrating sustainability into your business strategy, our digital portfolio empowers organisations of all sizes to effectively tackle the pressing challenges of environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance (ESG).

From guiding your path towards net zero to confronting specific sustainability complexities head-on, we offer innovative tools and subject expertise. Explore precision GHG management and a range of tailored solutions designed to reshape and enhance your distinct approach to sustainability. Navigate seamlessly through evolving regulatory landscapes like CSRD, optimise your decarbonisation strategies, and ensure supply chain transparency and compliance with Anthesis’s sophisticated digital offerings.

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Explore our digital products

Dive into the world of MERO, the revolutionary ESG data-focused software from ConTREEbute, part of Anthesis, that empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate sustainability into their core strategies, bridging crucial gaps in ESG information management.

This comprehensive tool offers sophisticated data consolidation, intelligent reporting, and actionable insights, enabling organisations to drive impactful, data-driven sustainability initiatives.

Anthesis RouteZero is the first credible solution to digitally deliver a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction platform – from intelligent climate planning to optimal investment strategies and implementation activities.

Backed by the unrivalled expertise from 1,300 climate analytics specialists, Anthesis RouteZero accelerates the pace with which organisations can assess their impact and develop actionable decarbonisation plans.

Anthesis Digital Compliance Suite is a managed software service that enables straight forward supply chain data collection, reporting, and resource dispersion to suppliers without new logins, software downloads, subscriptions or intensive trainings required.

Software instances are unique to each client and customised by need.

Delivering Digital Sustainability Products to Industry Leaders

Anthesis developed a custom tool that enables us to efficiently collect material content and sustainability data from our supply chain and integrate it with our product bill of materials. We now can systematically digest and report on regulatory compliance and sustainability data.

Sarah Scott, Compliance Engineer, Microsoft

MidEuropa’s ESG framework has been substantially supported by Anthesis, with its RouteZero digital solution instrumental in providing measurable insight both on our own footprint and that of our portfolio companies.

Vesna Sipp, Partner and Head of IR and ESG

Anthesis have been collaborating with Tesco for the last few years. Among a range of projects, Anthesis have supported and facilitated the Supplier Network Platform, which promotes communication and stimulates discussion and knowledge sharing between Tesco and our suppliers.

Carmen Chan, Senior Sustainability and Fabric Manager, Tesco

While I have worked with a handful of leading consultancies on a variety of projects, the Anthesis team has honestly provided the most value to me and our business. They provide an outstanding level of service that is focused around problem solving, collaboration and building capacity, something few other consultants truly can deliver upon.

Emilio Tenuta, SVP for Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab