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About our Finland Sustainability Consultancy

Our Finland team of sustainability consultants specialise in strategic advisory, transaction and Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) solutions for clients anywhere in the world, whilst also benefiting from Anthesis Group’s wider network to offer the full suite of Anthesis services and solutions.

We support you pre, during and post acquisition, and pre and during an exit. Together with our strategy and governance and supply chain specialists, we can help you increase the value of your company and make you a global leader in your sector.

Our traditional EDD assessments can be complemented with tailored and focused Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) services, alongside in-depth issue-specific assessments for many transactions, finance, or other sustainability-related topics.

Explore some of our industry-leading services below, or explore our dedicated pages for:

Our Finland Sustainability Services


Transactions & FinanceSupply Chains & ProductsCities & the Built Environment

Transactions & Finance


ESG M&A Planning & Assessments Management
  • ESG Screening & Reviews
  • ESG Compliance Assessments
  • ESG Data Management, Monitoring and Reporting
  • ESG Improvement Strategies
  • ESG Policy and Strategy Development
  • Post Acquisition Issue Analysis
  • M&A EHS Due Diligence and Advisory
  • Contribution to Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • CAPEX and provision planning
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Transactional Due Diligence Assessments (EHS, ESG, & Commercial)
  • Management & Coordination of Hazardous Building Materials Surveys
  • EHS Compliance Assessments and Regulatory Support
  • Liability Assessment
  • Goals and Commitments Planning
  • Site Closure Planning
  • Phase II Investigation and Remediation
  • Environmental claims and litigation and disputes
  • Project management and client representation
  • EHS Management System Implementation
  • Site Closures


Supply Chains & Products


Analytics Solution Implementation
  • Waste Audit & Analytics
  • Product Compliance Audits
  • Environmental, chemical and GHG permitting and EIAs’ and permit appeals
  • Circularity and End of Life Solutions
  • Chemicals Management
  • End of Waste Permitting
  • Management Systems Integration and Implementation
  • Extended Producer Responsibility

Cities & the Built Environment


  • Waste & Recycling Services and Infrastructure Analysis
  • Environmental Due Diligence Assessments
  • Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Management
  • Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency, Waste Management
  • EHS and Auditing Services

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