Dean Sanders

Chief Enterprise Officer
dean sanders

Dean Sanders is Anthesis Group’s Chief Enterprise Officer.

Seeking to serve ‘challengers’ who are committed to changing the way their business creates value, Dean focuses on delivering strong economic performance and integrating positive social and environmental impact into their strategies. In his work Dean believes that imagination, courage and a commitment to serve the common good are the hallmarks of the wise leaders of the future to whom we look to shape the positive role the private sector must assume for a more sustainable and balanced system.

Dean has worked internationally across a wide range of industries and sustainability focus areas and has been significantly engaged with working with the management team of leading coffee company Nespresso, designing strategies and plans for sustainable coffee sourcing.

Prior to establishing GoodBrand, Dean held a number of international marketing and sales positions at Kraft Foods.

He is a frequent speaker, panelist and moderator at sustainability related conferences and events.