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Improving Your CDP Score

15 Dec 2022 | Event, Webinar,

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Webinar | Improving Your CDP Score

Thursday, 15 December 2022 | 10-11am CST

CDP scores will be released on Tuesday, December 13 this year. Join this Anthesis webinar to understand how scoring at CDP works and how to interpret your company’s 2022 score. The Anthesis CDP team will also cover best practices to improve your CDP score in the 2023 reporting cycle and CDP’s requirements to make it to the coveted ‘A List’.

Key Topics Include: 

  • Overview of how scoring at CDP works & interpreting your Score Feedback report
  • Overview of this year’s CDP A List requirements
  • Overview of best practices and quick wins to improve your CDP score
  • Overview of key challenges in responding to CDP (i.e., harder CDP questions in 2022) and how Anthesis can support with:
    • Peer benchmarking services
    • Taking on a project management role to draft CDP responses
    • Overview of our propriety mock scoring assessment tool, which provides question-level feedback and identifies scoring gaps
    • Guiding companies through the internal buy-in/approval process ahead of CDP submission


Jon Taylor
Jon Taylor   Hala Fakhroo   Manisha Paralikar
Executive Director Consultant II   Director
Jon leads the ESG Performance Data and Metrics service at Anthesis and works with companies to define and improve ESG disclosures and communications to address investor, analyst and stakeholder interest in ESG performance information. With 20+ years of experience working with Global 500 clients, Jon provides expertise on climate change, energy, product and supply chain sustainability, and disclosures related sustainability and the environment. Hala is a CDP content expert, leading the CDP support practice within the ESG Performance Data and Metrics service. She has dedicated experience in developing and optimizing CDP responses across all questionnaires. She maintains Anthesis’ internal CDP resource center as well as working directly with several CDP A List clients on an annual basis. The 2023 CDP reporting cycle will be her fourth. Manisha is a strategic sustainability consultant with over 14 years of experience working for and with organizations implementing triple-bottom-line solutions to sustainability.  Manisha’s consulting work with Anthesis has encompassed various areas including corporate benchmarking and reporting including CDP, WMSI, GRI, and DJSI, strategy development, stakeholder engagement, and carbon accounting.

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