Episode 18: Human Rights Violations in Global Supply Chains

February 25, 2021 | Podcast,

Addressing the truths about human rights violations in our current global supply chains

Join Ramesh Panavalli, Adriana Quintero and Chris Peterson in Anthesis’ latest podcast which broaches the important issues around human rights violations and what this means for companies and their supply chains.

Episode 18: Human Rights Violations in Global Supply Chains

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Recent news stories have brought the unsettling truth about human rights violations and forced labour to the forefront of public awareness. We can no longer hide from the fact that this exists in our modern world and permeates our global supply chains. The time is now to address and tackle these issues so we can work towards a just society for all.

In the first Activating Sustainability episode of 2021, Chris Peterson is joined by Anthesis colleagues Adriana Quintero and Ramesh Panavalli to broach this important and urgent issue. The discussion covers a spectrum of topics across the human rights sphere, including the challenges that businesses are facing with regards to forced labour and the progressive tightening of EU Due Diligence legislation.


Human Rights Guidance & Resources:


Adriana Quintero is Joint Managing Director of Anthesis France, with a background working in Government Affairs, including international social standards compliance in the mining sector which has been a precursor to much of what is now being looked at by regulators following the UN Guiding Principles.
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Ramesh Panavalli is a Senior Consultant in our UK business, with over 15 years’ experience working with leading retailers and FTSE 250 companies on a range of areas including global sourcing, transparency, ethical trade strategy, due diligence programmes, and women empowerment programmes.
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If you have any feedback, get in touch with Chris Peterson at: Chris.Peterson@anthesisgroup.com

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