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Roadmaps and Action Plans

Creating an actionable roadmap to support a sustainability strategy

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We can combine state-of-the-art data visualisation and analysis tools such as Tableau to present your data or roadmap as actionable insights.

For most organisations, a corporate sustainability strategy is essential but not sufficient for implementation–there also needs to be a tangible and actionable roadmap to support it.

Anthesis has helped many companies develop roadmaps and action plans for executing on strategies and pursuing sustainability goals. Our process breaks down your strategic objectives and high-level initiatives into discrete workstreams, with clearly defined timeframes, milestones, and ownership.

Our Roadmap and Action Plan services:

Building off the strategy, we:

  • Identify key enablers and priority initiatives that must be established to meet objectives.
  • Break down these activities into deliberate and well-defined steps that build on each other to achieve defined outcomes.
  • Define intermediate milestones and targets to help you stay on track.
  • Recommend internal stakeholders to be responsible for implementing aspects of the action plan.
Find out how to build a strategy before planning a roadmap

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