Roadmaps and Action Plans

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We can use combine state-of-the-art data visualisation and analysis tools such as Tableau to present your data or roadmap as actionable insights.

Establishing an ambitious corporate vision or goals sets a stake in the ground, articulating where the company wants to be and what it wants to accomplish. But those load stars are normally not enough to drive change within complex organisations – there needs to be a tangible and actionable roadmap that sits behind it.

Anthesis have helped a range of corporate clients develop roadmaps and action plans as part of our strategy and goal setting support. Our process takes complicated objectives and breaks them into discrete tasks, clearly defined responsibilities and sets milestones.

How we do it

  • Building off the strategy, we identify key enablers and priority initiatives that must be established for our client to meet their objectives. We then break down these activities into deliberate and well-defined steps that build on top of each other to achieve the defined outcome.
  • Establishing intermediate milestones or targets helps companies stay on track.
  • Identifying relevant internal stakeholders who will be responsible for each activity.

Key People

Emma Armstrong
Executive Director and Diversity & Inclusion Lead, North America
Andrew Armstrong
Executive Director, North America
Ezequiel (Zeke) Hart
Director, North America
George Favaloro
Executive Director, North America
Ben Tuxworth
Technical Director, UK
James Wallis
Director, UK Strategy

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