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Post Acquisition Support

Managing risk and capitalising on opportunity during ownership

Anthesis is experienced at efficiently progressing the analysis of post-acquisition issues, often within the 100-day plan period

Managing Immediate Risks & Liabilities

With transaction timelines routinely being compressed, and access to relevant staff and information often insufficient, not all risk or opportunity issues can be fully evaluated and quantified during the due diligence period. Anthesis is experienced at efficiently progressing the analysis of these issues post-acquisition, often within the 100-day plan period.
With risk issues, such as the potential presence of land contamination or the possible requirement for a pollution abatement equipment upgrade, the SPA may have been agreed with provisions to further evaluate the issue.

But this may also include an agreement for any mitigation or remediation to be paid for by one or both parties or drawn from an escrow or similar. Anthesis is experienced at working within such arrangements, often within specific expedited timelines. We can work with regulators and other third parties, in a transparent arrangement with both parties.
Increasingly, Anthesis is supporting clients with quickly managing identified shortcoming in their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) arrangements, especially around key risk management policies and systems.

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Anthesis brings extensive experience of working with commercial and industrial clients to deliver support from on the ground operational process improvement, to detailed brand position work, and with our involvement routinely extending to arranging alternative financing options.

ESG Performance Improvement

Post-acquisition, Anthesis routinely works with both management teams and, if applicable, their investors or new owners, to ensure the integration of the target business into its new corporate or portfolio structure, and then execute a strategy of ESG performance improvement.

We work directly with company management teams to support them with ESG Improvement Strategies, through analytical reviews and face-to-face workshops. The ESG improvement review determines which are their material issues, and then helps the management team to define its key performance indicators and set related improvement targets. If appropriate, this can be done mindful of an owner or investors standard requirements, how to improve ESG rating scores, mapping actions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and/or identifying Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) aligned reporting metrics.

Central to this is an understanding of what is achievable and what are the likely costs and returns on investment. To do this Anthesis leverage our strength in depth to bring in the relevant expert advisers, for instance in energy, resource use and waste minimisation and management, to seek out cost-effective improvement opportunities and implementation strategies. These specialists bring with them years of experience of delivering solutions within industry.

Within our strategy advice, Anthesis will lay out the best options for monitoring subsequent performance and collecting and reporting related data.

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