Post Acquisition Integration

Evaluating risk and opportunity areas in the post-acquisition period

Anthesis is experienced at efficiently progressing the analysis of post-acquisition issues, often within the 100-day plan period

With transaction timelines routinely being compressed, and access to relevant staff and information often insufficient, not all risk or opportunity issues can be fully evaluated and quantified during the due diligence period. Anthesis is experienced at efficiently progressing the analysis of these post-acquisition issues, often within the 100-day plan period.

With risk issues, such as the potential presence of land contamination or the possible requirement for a pollution abatement equipment upgrade, the SPA may have been agreed with provisions to further evaluate the issue.

But this may also include an agreement for any mitigation or remediation to be paid for by one or both parties or drawn from an escrow or similar. Anthesis is experienced at working within such arrangements, often within specific expedited timelines. We can work with regulators and other third parties, in a transparent arrangement with both parties.

Our Post Acquisition Services

Inversely, Anthesis always seeks to identify potential opportunity areas when assessing target businesses during the due diligence period, for instance related to energy efficiency or waste minimisation.

Post-acquisition, Anthesis routinely works with management teams to fully evaluate these opportunity areas, assessing their feasibility, likely costs and benefits and related pay back periods.

We also bring extensive experience of working with industrial clients to deliver site operational process improvement, with our involvement routinely extending to arranging alternative financing options.

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