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26 Jan 2017

Addressing Food Waste In Your Operations

Learn more about our six-step process for tackling food waste, from working out your basic annual tonnage and waste flows to disseminating the progress and best practice across your organisation….

6 Feb 2018

Food Waste Capabilities Guide

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 32% of all food produced in the world is wasted – equating to an annual loss of around £17…


Julian Parfitt

…role in the development of UK and international research into food waste. His highly cited paper on the topic of food waste in global food supply chains foreshadowed the development…


Waste Audit and Analytics

We work with companies across the globe to analyse their waste, from materials sourcing through to end-of-life.  …


Our Technology

Anthesis can design, deliver and augment your IT and technology capability and drive outstanding results within your organisation. We bring the end-to-end package from strategy, implementation and management of change,…

case study

WRAP Cost Benefit Analysis Tool

WRAP’s goal was to produce a Cost Benefit Analysis tool that would be available to local authorities and Anaerobic Digesters plant operators

26 Sep 2018

Recycle Week 2018 – Because It Matters

million tonnes enters our oceans every year. It’s not just plastics that cause waste. Roughly one third of all the food produced for humans gets wasted too. Recycle Week 2018…


Simone Aplin

waste crime for the Environment Agency. Simone is a trusted advisor for waste market and regulatory due diligence and has used her understanding of waste data and the policy landscape…

18 Jan 2018

The Future of Plastic and Sustainable Packaging

Plastic packaging is in the spotlight, but some of the solutions being advocated make little environmental sense. Business should use the crisis to make meaningful changes with real long-term benefits,…

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