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A Global View on the Role of VPPAs in a Net Zero Strategy

February 10, 2022 | Event, Webinar,

Procedures of a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement

  1. Development on renewable energy project begins
  2. Fixed price for RECS + energy determined in VPPA
  3. Developer begins construction after securing financing
  4. Energy produced is sold on the wholesale market. Prices are volatile
  5. The floating market price and fixed VPPA is negotiated between buyer and developer
  6. Corporation receives RECS from developer



A Global View on the Role of VPPAs in a Net Zero Strategy

Thursday 24th February 2022 

Speakers from Anthesis and LevelTen discussed Virtual Power Purchase Agreements and how they can be leveraged to advance your carbon reduction goals. The session addressed what a VPPA means and how it differs from other energy choices such as on-site, EACs, PPAs, and RECs. Speakers addressed key differences and considerations between regions, including North America, UK and Europe, as well as discussed emerging markets such as China, where businesses may have consumption exposure. Attendees walked through the scenario that aligns best with their organization’s energy load: smaller but growing load, high load, or aggregating supplier loads. There was also time for Q&A at the end.

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Portrait of Jono Adams of Anthesis
Jono Adams, Director, Net Zero and Climate, Anthesis Skye Lei, NA Lead for Internal Strategy, Anthesis Flemming Sorensen, Vice President, LevelTen Energy Rob Collier, VP Developer Solutions, LevelTen Energy


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