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Supply Chain Scope 3 Emissions for SBTs

21 Jul 2020 | Event,

It’s important to start laying the foundation as soon as possible – don’t wait for your SBT approval to get moving, whether or not you end up with a specific supplier engagement goal, you’ll need some sort of engagement program and process to support your scope 3 reductions regardless.

Elena Kocherovsky,
Principal Consultant, Anthesis Group

Accelerating Scope 3 Emissions

Virtual Conversation Series | Session 5

After nearly a decade of incremental progress on Scope 3 accounting and reporting, we have now seen a tipping point moving from pure reporting to measurable action on supply chain issues, with carbon and climate being one of many topics corporates ar using to build supplier capacity and resilience. Meaningful engagement and capacity building with suppliers is crucial because simply asking suppliers to set targets and drive emissions reductions will not yield the level of action that is needed.

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