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Supporting H&H Group on its B Corp journey

H&H Group’s commitment to becoming B Corp Certified

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H&H Group is a global health and nutrition company. Dynamic, courageous and ambitious in its mission to make people healthier and happier, the Group strives to inspire wellness while contributing positively to the needs of society and the planet.

The Group has three business segments – Baby, Adult and Pet Nutrition and Care – supporting whole-family health and happiness, with premium brands providing nutrition and wellness solutions backed by science. Consumer brands include Biostime, Swisse, Zesty Paws, Solid Gold Pet, Dodie, Good Goût, Aurelia London and CBII.

H&H Group is actively committed to its sustainability journey and as part of this, H&H Group has committed to becoming B Corp Certified by 2025.

In 2021, the H&H’s Australian and New Zealand business engaged Anthesis to provide the expertise required to assist it navigate the B Impact Assessment (BIA), to measure and manage it’s social and environmental impact.

Anthesis’s B Consultants worked seamlessly alongside the H&H team and project managed multiple stakeholders across the organisation, to ensure the collation of all the necessary data.

Anthesis reviewed all data inputs to provide expert advice on the BIA, to ensure thorough and robust evidence was provided to support each answer, to enable H&H to maximise its score. We also helped the team to select the appropriate Impact Business Models (IBMs), one of the more complex and nuanced parts the B Impact Assessment.

The project proved an inspiring and motivating exercise for the H&H ANZ team. When reviewing their performance against the five B Corp impact criteria of governance, workers, community, environment and customers, they were able to understand more holistically how their business functions in relation to societal and environmental impacts, and to see more specifically how to incrementally improve their positive impact.

H&H ANZ submitted its B Corp application in February 2022 with a commendable score of 105.7 points and is awaiting approval from B Corp.