Supporting PayPal to Set Ambitious SBTs to Enable its Net Zero Goal

Set ambitious science-based targets (SBTs) for PayPal aligned with a 1.5°C reduction pathway.

Guidance through the SBT development process, engagement, emissions inventory, reduction strategies, SBTi submission, and ongoing support.

PayPal commits to reducing Scope 1&2 emissions by 25%, Scope 3 emissions (FERA) by 25%, and ensuring 75% of suppliers have SBTs by 2025. Pledged to achieve net-zero emissions before 2040. Positioning PayPal as a climate leader in the financial services sector.

The Anthesis Team’s deep expertise in corporate greenhouse gas management and goal-setting has been incredibly valuable to advancing our science-based climate actions.

Jaxon Love Global Environmental Sustainability Lead, PayPal

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