Becoming a Certified B Corp

We’ve been a certified B Corporation® since 2017

Doing Better Business. Our journey to become a certified B Corporation

We’re a purpose driven company with a mission “to help business transition to a sustainable future by contributing to climate action for the earth and its people.”

We’ve always prided ourselves on practicing what we preach, therefore becoming a certified B Corporation (or B Corp), made sense. It’s a way to clearly communicate our company values and culture, and to have that commitment globally recognised against the highest standards.

Becoming a B Corp was a great opportunity for us to reflect and improve on our current practices in all areas of our business. It can be challenging and take time but it is definitely worth it and it’s humbling and inspiring to to be in the company of so many other incredible businesses.

Hannah Meade, Director

We started the process back in 2016, after discovering the B Corp movement through our client Stone & Wood. Their community focused business model and commitment to be agents of positive change, was compelling and refreshing. Also, we‘re not ashamed to say another catalyst was our peers. Becoming a B Corp sets a benchmark within your industry, so provides a healthy dose of competition to continuously do better and be a better business.

At the time we were a smaller business with around 15 employees. We’d envisioned the process as straightforward, but rigorous. Correct on both counts. B Corp offer a lot of resources and support to hep you though the process which makes things relatively easy to follow, but it does take time. The B Impact Assessment justifiably, is a detailed and rigorous process. It makes you dig really deep into your company culture, your supply chains, your processes, your governance and where you are headed in the future.

We’re proud to say in 2017 we became a certified B Corp. One of the things we really value about being B Corp certified is not just that we are ‘walking the talk’ but the focus it demands for us to critically analyse our business policies and procedures and continually improve how we operate. We’re constantly aiming to build on the positive social and environmental impact we can have and reduce any negative impacts.

It’s also a way to learn from the best and to be inspired by them to do better. And lastly, its helped us grow, attract talent and enhance our company culture.

Our team has nearly doubled since we were first certified and as we grow as a business we’ve set goals to improve year on year. With each recertification (every 3 years) we aim to improve our B Impact score and thus the positive impact we are having.

It takes time and it challenges you to really understand your business process, but the effort is worth it. We highly recommend joining the B Corp movement, you’ll be a part of a community of business leaders, driving global change, in using business as a force for good.

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