Leading Sustainability Advisory Ndevr Environmental Launches Rebrand to Anthesis

21st February 2024

ndevr environmental - anthesis australia

Ndevr Environmental, a leading Australian climate change and sustainability advisory firm, today announced its official rebranding to Anthesis, the largest group of dedicated sustainability experts in the world. The rebranding reflects Ndevr Environmental’s commitment to sustainable performance, innovation, and global impact and the final step in its integration with Anthesis since the July 2023 merger.

With over 1300 experts across 25 countries, Anthesis exists to guide its clients as they transition to a decarbonised and more sustainable future, supporting 4,000 businesses worldwide and in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region. Anthesis offers a broad range of holistic solutions the market demands through science and evidence-based advisory services, a comprehensive suite of innovative digital tools, carbon projects and offsetting plans, and creating purpose-led strategy and communications.

Ndevr Environmental, founded in 2010 by co-founder and Managing Director Matt Drum, is one of the leading sustainability consultancies in Australia. Ndevr Environmental has supported some of Australia’s largest brands, such as Toyota, AGL, Orica, BHP, Great Southern Bank and Rio Tinto, on the complex sustainability challenges and opportunities organisations face at this time. Ndevr Environmental is aligned with Anthesis on its B Corp certification and its Net Zero Science-Based Target.

The rebranding comes at a time when economies and business markets are responding to the increased awareness of the risks and opportunities of climate change. With rising regulatory pressure and stakeholder expectations, corporations and governments need to understand their situation and risk, pivoting to sustainable practices that ensure a resilient and thriving organisation into the future. Those who are bold and proactive will be the leaders in this new era of sustainability. Anthesis is well-positioned to guide and support its clients in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, with its global expertise and experience.

We are excited to officially rebrand to Anthesis and leverage the global reach and expertise of the Anthesis Group. This will enable us to provide our clients with more innovative and impactful solutions, and to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable, net zero future. Markets have woken up to the reality of the climate crisis, and management of the status quo is no longer an option. Our clients need our support and leadership to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and to create value from sustainability.”

Matt Drum, Managing Director Anthesis Australia

As one of Australia’s leading advisory firms focused on accelerating the global transition to a sustainable, net zero future, Ndevr Environmental has been an important addition to Anthesis since our merger last year. We’re pleased that they will be driving impact under the Anthesis name, continuing to expand our geographical reach into Asia Pacific and guiding clients with their market-leading sustainability and ESG expertise.”

Stuart McLachlan, CEO Anthesis

Article published in EcoVoice