Alex Swanson



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Alex is a mechanical engineer with more than 15 years’ experience in energy and emission monitoring and reporting, decarbonisation opportunity identification, industrial energy efficiency, energy and GHG auditing, and change management.

For nearly six years, he built and managed an energy efficiency program across 20 percent of the NEM’s electricity generation, working to reduce the greenhouse intensity of major coal and gas fired electricity generation. He also facilitated organisational training, and developed cultural change strategies, prior to which he conducted detailed energy audits across many of South Australia’s large manufacturing facilities.

Alex brings a detailed mechanical and thermodynamic engineering background, his ability to support industrial emitters to define and deliver carbon reduction strategies is grounded in best practice and optimised to net best results for the company and the planet.

Alex is an effective communicator in stakeholder and senior management engagement with a passion for forging collaborative relationships.

Academic Qualifications: Alex has a Bachelor of Engineering and is currently completing a Master of Teaching. He recently completed the South Australia’s Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program. He currently sits on the board of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity and has been a previous member of the Sustainable Engineering Society where he facilitated the National Sustainable Engineering Conference.


  • Strategic advisory for industrial decarbonisation
  • Energy management systems and power generation
  • Energy efficiency/process optimisation
  • Development of decarbonisation strategies
  • Industrial process energy auditing and emissions reduction identification and strategy
  • Net Zero strategy development
  • Corporate strategy and change management, ProSci ADKAR
  • Culture change and organisational training