Built Back Better: The Future of the Built Environment under a Green New Deal

17 Jul 2020 | Event,

Energy is a controllable expense. If you can demonstrate delivering demand reduction through efficiency then that becomes quite a powerful argument (to increase company by in) for further investment.

Ben Lynch, 

Director, Anthesis Group

Virtual Conversation Series | Session 4

Many organisations are now set on a firm trajectory to net zero carbon. Achieving this goal will mean radical change for design teams and the necessary challenge to conventional wisdom.

What do we mean by “Net Zero?”
Net Zero accounts for whole lifecycle carbon including production, construction, operations, and end of life carbon. Whole lifecycle Net Zero carbon is the gold standard in responsible construction and includes operation, embodied and end-of-life components. “Embodied carbon” can account for 30 40% of total carbon for a building. As energy supply decarbonizes the focus on embodied carbon will only grow.