Driving Strategic Sustainability Implementation with Salt River Project

Anthesis has been a critical partner in SRP’s transformational sustainability journey. The team helped our business partners to embrace the challenge, set comprehensive organisational goals, engaged our stakeholders, embed sustainability in our business, and develop innovative programs that are amplifying SRP’s role as a leader in the community.”

Marc Campbell – Manager of Sustainability Policy and Programs, Salt River Project

We were pleased to work with the Anthesis team on this project and are very happy with the support they provided. The team’s expertise in SBTs in Private Equity, combined with their attentiveness to our needs, made us comfortable to commit to the SBTi. They also made the submission process to the SBTi very smooth by helping out with the application to fulfil all requirements.

Caroline Löfgren, Chief Sustainability Officer
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For over 100 years, Salt River Project (SRP), one of Arizona’s largest utilities has delivered low-cost, reliable power and water. To understand and adapt to changing expectations in the industry, SRP worked with Anthesis to establish and implement a set of long-term sustainability goals.


Through research, benchmarking, interviews and workshops together Anthesis and SRP developed a comprehensive set of informed long-term goals that provided a direction for the organisation’s sustainability efforts. Following the approval of these 2035 goals by senior leadership, Anthesis has continued to support the sustainability team as active participants in their implementation by providing localised support on everything from governance, meetings, agendas, content, structures, processes, stakeholder engagement, and education.


Key outputs included:

  • The establishment of a governance structure.
  • The development of short-term action plans to advance the organisation towards the long-term goals.
  • Critically securing the buy-in of goal owners into the importance, value and return on their investments related to SRP 2035.
  • Engaging our stakeholders through a robust and culture changing process.
  • Establishing innovative community programs that are adding significant value to SRP’s role as a leader.

By establishing and embracing the rigorous sustainability goals, SRP is expected to further reduce its generating emissions by 36 million metric tons of CO2 compared to pre-2035 resource plans.